MDK is a solution company which has design, product development, project management and production with 33 people in the automotive supply chain. The company established in 1997 by co-founders has continued its operations at its modern facilities in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone since 2011. (The facilities have 5000 m2 area, 3500 m2 area of which is closed.)


The firm has two business area as machinery and foundry business.

In machine industry it has knowledge about mounting machines, machining centers, measurement and test machines.


It occupies an important place in aluminium foundry process for aluminium volume mold making such as low pressure mold, high pressure mold, trim mold .Until now it has produced molds weighing 15tons. It has produced high pressure molds like engine part molds such as crankcase, bracket, cam bearing. Moreover it has produced steering body, suspension parts such as aluminium travers.


Low Pressure Die casting Machines are lines of business with the help of synergy coming from both the knowledge of machine ecole and foundry business.


The company has a board of three members by 2013.



 Our Board


Chairman of the Board İsmet Vatansever
Member of the Board Sadık Çabas
Member of the Board Göksel Baldemir


MDK carries out market studies and human resources policies according to its own corporate strategy and also it transforms them in accordance with its core competences and line of business.