MDK provides not only  products for the market  but also service support for them. We have a team which gives help whenever the customers need them in case of production problems.

MDK garantises the service that will eliminate the halt of production caused from the machine.

Moreover, when needed and wanted, we can give service for the problem in three days at the latest under warranty.


MDK has service call system in order to understand the problem well and solve it as soon as possible. For this reason the topics have been divided into three parts as mechanics,automation and spare part.

Please tick the botton related to the topic and fill in the service form. When you make service call, save the number given by the system.  MDK uses the remote access system and suggests this system for its customers. After the call is made in this way, MDK service team will intervene in the problem within 8 working hour. If the problem can not be removed or there is customer demand, MDK gives guarantee to intervene in the problem within 3 working days in Europe and 4 or 5 days in other continents.




After making service call, you can call  0090 232 328 1991 from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm if you want. Make sure that the service number is in your hand before calling.